Destination: Promised Land


Welcome to our LifeLight site!  We invite you to join us as we continue our studies by looking at the Israelites and their journey to the Promised Land in Exodus, Part2.

If the Israelites had a GPS and access to Google apps perhaps their forty years of wandering might have been cut short, but God had other ideas. God led them to their Promised Land. In this 2nd half of Exodus we will look at the Lord, His Covenant with the Israelites and how we got the 10 Commandments. We also will see that when God’s people lose faith and become dissatisfied with the way God is running things, we fall away, but God provides forgiveness. In our present day believers call on the grace of God and the salvation that is ours through Jesus Christ to lead us to our Promised Land. Exodus is very powerful because it is filled with the foreshadowing of Christ our Savior. The slavery of the Israelites in Egypt points to man’s slavery to sin. By God’s guidance and leadership we can escape the slavery to sin, but we must first follow Him and obey His commandments. We too have choices to make. If we surrender our lives to Him and allow Him to teach us how to walk with Him during every moment of our lives, He will be our strength and guide through the good times and the bad. God doesn’t promise us that walking with Him will always be comfortable or easy. But He does promise us that if we learn to depend on Him for every step that we take, just like the Israelites had to learn to depend on Him for every step of their journey, He will take us to our Promised Land.

LifeLight Studies for year 2013/2014

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First Series: “Heaven and Hell" - Starting day: September 5, 2013

Second Series: "Exodus Part 1"- November 21st, 2013

Third Series: "Exodus Part 2" - February 13th , 2014

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